Green Waste

It is important to manage the green waste using a sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach. Composting is an ideal way to not only divert waste from (and the extend the life of) local landfills but also to create valuable fuel for enhancing soil and plant growth. Compost is essentially "green" waste such as food and leaves that can break down on its own or with "natural" means of assistance to speed up the process, including aeration, shredding and rotation. Depending on the area in which you live, or in which a business like a restaurant operates, collection of compost and organics can vary.

The Municipal Group of Companies offers various green waste solutions to composting, from bin programs to pickup schedules, through its environmental services divisions in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Please check with our specific companies as well as localized resources within your region to find the right answers for making a difference in your community — and for the planet!

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