Edmundston Dumpster Services, Garbage Pickup, Recycling

Environmental Services Group offers cost-effective and responsible practices for garbage pickup in the Edmundston area. We’ve got all your garbage, recycling and septic needs covered.


Communities: Edmundston, New Denmark, Lac Baker, Clair


We've got you covered in the Edmundston area.


Dumpster Rental

Whether you’ve got a business, construction company or rental property, our bins can accommodate all your waste removal needs.

Additional Services

From Roadside Service, Equipment sales to Snow Plowing—we are here for when you need a little extra service.

Garbage Collection

Get your garbage, recycling and green bins to the curb, and we’ll take it to the treatment facility to be properly sorted.


Reducing the amount of waste created and then recycling that waste properly ensures less is going to the landfills each year.


We're here for you in the Edmundston area.


Edmundston Area Garbage & Recycling Guidelines

Everything you need to know about garbage pickup and recycling for the Edmundston area.


Collection Schedule

Check out Edmundston’s garbage collection schedule and never miss another collection day.


Sorting Guide

Edmundston uses blue bins for recyclables. See the Sorting Guide for more details.


Garbage By-Laws

For a complete set of rules on waste collection and disposal in the Edmundston area, see the Collection and Disposal of Garbage and Recyclable Material By-Law.


Electronics Recycling

Unwanted electronics can be recycled free of charge at any EPRA Drop-off Centre.


Hazardous Waste

Properly dispose of hazardous waste like paint, propane tanks, household chemicals and batteries.


Construction & Demolition Debris

Dispose of your construction and demolition debris responsibly and ethically.


Hours of Operation

Landfill hours may be different for residential and commercial customers. See hours of operation for details.



Tipping and disposal fees may vary based on the type of waste. See the pricing page for details.


Accepted Waste

You can bring the following construction and demolition waste:

  • Insulation
  • Gyproc & Drywall
  • Windows
  • Concrete & Bricks
  • Treated Wood
  • Asphalt Shingles