Earning AIR MILES® reward miles with Royal Flush is easy!

Turn Trash to Trips

Royal Flush is proud to offer our loyal customers the opportunity to earn valuable AIR MILES®.

How to Qualify

  1. Payment with Credit Card, EFT or Cash.
  2. Use email invoicing.
  3. Payment is recieved within 30 days.

How to earn AIR MILES® with Royal Flush

  1. Use Royal Flush as your portable sanitation and septic services provider.
  2. Earn 1 AIR MILES® reward mile for every $40 with Royal Flush.

Special Offers

  • Septic Special: 25 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles. Earn bonus reward miles per septic account.
  • Portable Toilet Rentals: 10 Bonus AIR MILES® reward miles. Bonus reward miles per toilet to a maximum of 5 toilets.

Regulations & Guidelines

  • AIR MILES® reward miles cannot under any circumstance be given to any Royal Flush staff member by the customer.
  • AIR MILES® reward miles will only be awarded to the company approved AIR MILES® number.
  • AIR MILES® reward miles can only be awarded at time of sale, not retroactively and will appear on your AIR MILES® account within 30 to 60 business days.

If you do not currently have an AIR MILES® account, please go to www.airmiles.ca/arrow/Enrollment to register for your AIR MILES® reward number.

Royal Flush AIR MILES® Registration


® TM Trademarks of AIR MILES® International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Royal Flush.