Portable Toilets

From wheelchair accessible units to shower stall trailers, there's a wide range of options for toilets and accessories. Fortunately, Royal Flush is "Good to Go" on all of them.

Have questions about Royal Flush units? We have some of your FAQ here.

Rental Calculator

Average crowd size: (3,000)
Average hours at the event(s): (4)
Number of Units required: 16

Portable Hand Wash Stations

Ideal for events, Royal Flush offers two types of handwashing rentals: hand sanitizer stations (with 1.2 litre containers of sanitizer) and portable sinks (two-way and four-way, each containing 20 – 24 gallons of fresh water and storage for the used grey water, as well as soap and paper towels).

Shower Trailer Rentals

Thanks to our partnership with Ready John, we offer six-stall shower trailers that are divided into 2 sections: the women’s side has 2 stalls and the men’s has 4 stalls. Each unit is self sufficient providing up to 80 showers as a standalone unit. More showers can be taken if there is a outside water source, electrical source and means of disposal. Please note: there are no toilets in the shower trailers.

Wheelchair Accessible Units

Our wheelchair accessible toilet units have a compact design, which allows for easier movement. We recommend ordering a portable sink to accompany these, as there is no sink inside the actual unit.

Portable Toilet Rentals

For construction sites, residential use, and special events such as weddings and concerts, Royal Flush offers a wide range of portable toilets to suit your needs. Have a look at our selection and let us know how we can serve you best.

Washroom Trailers

We have multiple trailers available for rental, including the VIP trailer (weddings/events) and the construction trailer.