Dumpster Services

For small and large contractors alike, GE Environmental provides roll-off bins in a variety of sizes and styles. Metal, wood, brick and concrete, shingles and asphalt. We can accommodate the disposal needs of virtually any construction or cleanup job.

Front Load Container

Front load containers are an efficient solution for compactable items and ongoing trash removal. These types of dumpsters are typically used by businesses, retail stores, shopping malls, schools, restaurants, apartment buildings, etc. These front load containers remain on your property as long as you have an active contract.

Roll Off Container

Available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 cubic yards, roll off containers are ideal for commercial businesses and other large-scale projects such as renovations, demolitions and roofing jobs.

Rear Load Container

Rear Load containers are helpful when it comes to areas with limited space (alleys and urban lots), and can be used for projects like renovations, restorations, or for everyday waste.


GE Environmental toters provide a convenient way to store, transport and dispose of trash and other waste. It has a large storage capacity and is easy to move from place to place. Available in 64 gallon (240 litre) size, this waste cart is also handy for holding recyclable and compost materials. A handle on the front makes it easy to pick up for quick dumping and emptying. It is suitable for home and commercial use.

Bread Box Container

Offered at 84” wide x 38” high x 36” deep, these are less frequently used at some commercial and retail sites. Please inquire about specific availability.