Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question for Ready John about portable toilets? We have the answer right here! Browse our frequently asked questions below or contact our team to discuss how we can help at your upcoming event or project.

How many units will I need?

Event: It depends on the number of participants or attendees and the length of the event. We have an industry-standardized formula that we can provide you with to determine how many units you’ll need.

Construction: It depends on the number of workers on site. The Department of Labour’s minimum standard is one unit for every ten workers.


Do I need my own water source in order to rent a sink station, VIP or Hand wash Toilet?

No, all of our hand washing units are totally self-contained with a separate fresh water holding tank. Simply use the foot pump and begin washing your hands.


How often are the units cleaned when out on rental?

Units that are on a monthly rental basis are cleaned, pumped and restocked once a week, this is included in our montly rental fee. Day/week/weekend rentals are not serviced unless requested; and extra service charge would apply.


How far in advance do I need to book a portable toilet for an event?

If renting a large number of units, the more notice the better. We have a limited number of VIP toilets and would suggest booking early. Royal Flush has a large quanity of regular and handwash units that would require only a few days notice at the least.