Additional Services

Commercial Food Grease Removal (Grease Trap Cleaning)
Restaurants require that their grease traps be cleaned on a regular basis. Grease trap cleaning is performed by vacuuming out the grease, water, and food waste from the trap. The inlet and outlet flow control plates are also removed to ensure there is no build up behind them. The traps are refilled with water to ensure there are no plugged lines.

Oily/Contaminated Water Disposal
Ready John is a hauler and receiver of oily contaminated water.

High Pressure Spraying / Washing
Ready John's combination truck is equipped for high pressure spraying.  This unit has 500 feet of hose with hot and cold water at a pressure of up to 4,000 psi.

Line Flushing
High pressure line flushing is the process by which water pressurized up to 4,000 lbs./sq. in. at a volume of up to 22 gal /min is fed up a clogged or dirty pipe washing the plug or build up out of and off the inside of a drainpipe. This cleaning of the pipe, allows the drain to flow freely. We currently have the ability to clean pipes from two to eight inches in diameter and up to five hundred feet long.

Manhole Cleaning
Communication companies (i.e. – Aliant, CableCom, or Rogers) with underground services require their manholes to be cleaned prior to doing their service work. Manhole cleaning is done by removing the cover, vacuuming the sand and debris from the basin exposing the drainpipes. This allows the water to flow freely out the drainpipes.


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