Portable Toilet Rentals

From wheelchair accessible units to shower stall trailers, there's a wide range of options for toilets and accessories. Please have a look at many portable sanitation solutions and also some of the Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

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Portable Toilet Rentals

For construction sites, residential use, and special events such as weddings and concerts, Ready John offers a wide range of portable toilets to suit your needs — even a female toilet (Ready Jane). Have a look at our selection and let us know how we can serve you best.

Shower Trailer Rentals

Our six-stall shower trailers are divided into 2 sections: the women’s side has 2 stalls and the men’s has 4 stalls. Each unit is self sufficient, providing up to 80 showers as a standalone unit. More showers can be taken if there is an outside water source, electrical source and means of disposal.

Washroom Trailers

We have 5 trailers available for rental: the VIP trailer (men’s side with 1 stall, 2 urinals and sink; women's side with 3 stalls and sink) as well as the construction trailer (men’s side with 1 stall, 1 trough-style urinal with sink; women's side with 2 stalls and sink). Each trailer is air conditioned, and each requires a water source and 110V power supply.